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Custom badges | Getting the best ones for your event

Custom badges are becoming a popular way of marketing a company's brand. They make identification of personnel a lot easier and quicker so your customers can easily recognise your workforce. Custom badges are also a good tool to use when organising events such as trade shows or professional gatherings. However, these badges are not created overnight. It takes a lot of thought and planning to come up with the best designs. So if you've got an event coming up, here are some design ideas and tips to help you out with the badges.

Be smart about the colours

The catch when making these badges is also to market your company. While you can stray a bit with your colours, customers won't be able to identify your company if the colours used are totally different. You need to be smart about bringing the colours together in such a small area. Contrasting your colours makes a huge difference. A good tip is to contrast them using colour temperatures; warm and cool colours match particularly well. Warm colours include shades of orange and red while cool colours are green and blue shades.

Don't crowd the badge

With custom badges, it's very easy to get carried away. There's so much you may want to write onto it but so little space. So ensure you keep it simple. A company logo, simple hashtag and the name of the person front and centre can go a long way in marketing your brand. Don't bombard the customer with too much information. A simple barge that drives a single memorable message is worth more than a badge with too many details to remember.

Use colour codes

Instead of differentiating vendors and staff using writing, you can opt for different colours. This will give you an opportunity to distinguish the various management levels so that your customers know who they are dealing with.

You could also decide to colour code different branches of your company if it's more important than the managerial levels. That way, the customers can easily spot a facilitator of a particular branch

Use social media

In the modern age, everyone carries their phone with them, and you can be assured that a huge percentage of the attendees will be on social media. Use this to your advantage, and capture the event proceedings in real time. Place a hashtag on the badge that the attendees can use during the event once they post photos or reactions. You could even post photos under the hashtag and allow the attendees to share their thoughts and tag themselves. That way you'd get a feel of what's going on straight on your phone as the day unfolds. 

For assistance, with your custom badge, talk to a professional.

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