Lessons In Marketing: Strategies To Help You Sell

How bloggers should sell themselves to PR agencies

There are many people out there who create blogs in their personal area of interest, whether about upcycled fashion, luxury travel, or weekend DIY projects. But if you find that the page views on your blog are steadily increasing and you are building an engaged following, you then have the opportunity to turn your blog into a bonafide business. A public relations agency is a third party that might just be interested in what you have to say. And you don't have to hire a PR agency to work with one. The clients that PR agencies represent might just be interested in leveraging your blog reach for their own promotions -- which could lead to paid posts, free products, and even invitations on paid press trips. This is how you can sell yourself to a PR agency.

Know your audience. When you are selling your blog, you are ultimately selling the audience that you are engage with. One of the first things that a public relations agency will want to know is the male/female split of your audience demographic, where your audience is located, and their age. You can find out this information through tools such as the Jetpack Wordpress plugin, Google Analytics, and via Insight Analytics on Facebook if you also engage with your audience on social media.

Approach the right agency. Public relations agencies are by no means one size fits all. There are PR agencies that specialise in restaurants, fashion, retail, travel, the charity sector, and virtually any other niche you can think of. Don't waste an agency's time and your own time by approaching the wrong people. If you have a blog that specialises in gay travel, you might want to focus on both LGBT specific PR agencies as well as travel PR agencies, for example.

Demonstrate your competitive advantage. There are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there, and every blogger dreams of making it to the big time, but in order to really pull away from the pack, you need to know what your point of difference and competitive advantage is. This will give you ways to actually demonstrate how you can work with the PR agency. If have a beauty blog that specifically focuses on eco-friendly treatments, show how this particular niche increases your engagement, and suggest ways that the PR agency's client base can lean on your point of difference to enhance their position in the marketplace.

Armed with this information, you can develop a defined strategy for working with PR agencies that will take your blog to the next level. 

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Lessons In Marketing: Strategies To Help You Sell

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