Lessons In Marketing: Strategies To Help You Sell

Custom badges | Getting the best ones for your event

Custom badges are becoming a popular way of marketing a company's brand. They make identification of personnel a lot easier and quicker so your customers can easily recognise your workforce. Custom badges are also a good tool to use when organising events such as trade shows or professional gatherings. However, these badges are not created overnight. It takes a lot of thought and planning to come up with the best designs. Read More 

3 Powerful Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Increase Small Business Sales

If you've ever been shopping online, you will have no doubt come across a live answering service feature in the corner of the screen -- these are virtual assistants and they can be a forceful marketing tool for small businesses. As a small business owner, it can be a struggle to find the time to market yourself while doing your actual job -- but that's okay. The fact is, you can't do everything at once, and if you try, you'll risk running yourself (and your business) into the ground. Read More 

How bloggers should sell themselves to PR agencies

There are many people out there who create blogs in their personal area of interest, whether about upcycled fashion, luxury travel, or weekend DIY projects. But if you find that the page views on your blog are steadily increasing and you are building an engaged following, you then have the opportunity to turn your blog into a bonafide business. A public relations agency is a third party that might just be interested in what you have to say. Read More 

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Lessons In Marketing: Strategies To Help You Sell

Hello and welcome. My name is Judy, and I have been a school administrative assistant for twenty years. In that time, I have performed many different roles. Until recently, I was in charge of HR, which gave me a lot of interaction with the staff, and I loved that. However, I am now relishing my new role in marketing and working hard to gain the necessary skills to do it well. Part of my marketing job is finding new students. In addition, we conduct short-term residencies for overseas students, so I promote those opportunities. My school also runs a number of small business projects with students, including an agricultural farm. I help to find customers for our products. I started this blog to share marketing strategies and opportunities that have worked for me. I hope they prove interesting and useful for anyone seeking marketing ideas and advice. Thank you.